Recommended Reading

2 Tim.2:15


The Holy Bible

  • 1. Know your Bible better. 
  • 2. Familiarize yourself with the Old and New  Testament. 
  • 3. Be consistent in your reading. It is helpful to use  a realistic reading plan. 
  • 4. Have a notebook handy. 
  • 5. Scripture Memorization. 
  • 6. Avoid distractions.              


Edifying Devotionals:

  • Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon
  • Day by Day with Johnathan Edwards

Attributes of God

 Attributes of God: 

  • Knowing God by J.I. Packer
  • Gleanings in the Goodhead by Arthur W. Pink 
  • The Sovereignty of God by Arthur W. Pink


  • A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson
  • Manual of Theology by J.L. Dagg D.D. 
  • A Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity by John        Gill

Edifying Reading: 

A Modern Christian Allegory.

Inspired by John Bunyan, 'The Pilgrim's Progress'. 

This is an excellent example of skillful modernizing of a classic work to today's audience. 

'To Be a Pilrgrim,' attempts to update the elements to show, not only its historical importance, but how the root of the sin behind those prevailing thoughts are still relevant today.   

By Pastor Jon J. Cardwell

The Kingdom of God

A Baptist Expression of Covenant and Biblical Theology

By Th. D. Jeffrey D. Johnson pastor of Grace Bible Church in Conway, Arkansas. 

An excellent read. 

Church History

Church History 101

The highlights of "Twenty Centuries" 

By Sinclair B. Ferguson, Joel R. Beeke and Michael A. G. Haykin

An excellent booklet to present you with a quick read of church history's high points. 

'Respectable Sins' 

Confronting The Sins We Tolerate 

If personal holiness is your hearts cry, this book will be a added blessing in your Christian pilgrimage. 

By: Dr. Jerry Bridges